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8/3/2013 8:11 PM

I need some advice with no-footers. I've tried them before and I can't seem to get them. It's not that I'm not committing, I just can't get any extension. I look down and I take my feet off, I just can't extend them. Can someone help me? I'm comfortable with taking my feet off because I have one footers dialed. Please help.


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8/3/2013 9:16 PM

Haha you coulda just asked me on Facebook, but itd be cool to hear what other people have to say. You see me do em constantly. I really like tricks that i can throw in a quick motion. Okay, you may need a small flyout, i learned them hop and out of that bank. Its an easy trick but it has to do with really just kicking them out. I do the "swipe" which is a turd when you have waffle bottoms, as i know you do. I wore Js when i did them only because the bottoms were 100% flat. lol All you gotta do it just get the height you need and spread your legs very quickly and as far as possible. When the one jump was a flyout, i remember overextending it (no one was around, but it had to look as amazing as it felt) and and my inner thighs hurt lol always stretch. All you gotta do is ride along and not hop or anything (in a parking lot per say) and just kick your feet out. I did this with supermans the one day i was doing them haha i dont have shin guards or else id be doing them all the time. Same with no footer cans and anything like that. Just ride along and dont leave the ground and shoot your feet off to the sides! Its a qiuck motion. Just do it really haha when brought to a jump, just kick em out the same way you were when riding when you were in the air. it helps to keep your weight a bit over the bars. And try to land rear tire first if you are doing it flyout.


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8/4/2013 10:20 AM

lift you're feet slightly and then push outwards, not much to it really