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4/5/2014 9:13 PM

So I nollie ALL the time. Like sidewalk cracks and off curbs.I can do them flat too. But when I want to nollie into a 3 stair- to bank , I can't. Mental factor maybe? I can nollie off curbs , going straight and sideways and even up really small ones.

Any tips for nollies on bigger setups. I want to film a nollie off a loading dock soon , and down that staired bank.


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4/7/2014 9:19 PM

I've done it and I messed up a few times. Practice on flat ground and grass, really helped me. I've done it straight and the one where you throw the rear end to the side, but the straight one is more ideal, as you're not going off the side of something. If anything, don't pull up the back so hard if you know you won't be able to react with the front end quick enough. You will die, so just pull up the front as hard as you can after you pick up the rear.


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5/7/2014 5:22 AM

you can't as in you get to sketched out to attempt them down the stairs?

aslong as you get the technique and nollie like you would go down a curb normally (don't go off the side!), the worse that will happen is you will firecracker down the stairs.

just get some inspiration from 6:16!


5/7/2014 8:03 AM

try it at an angle, then keep increasing it until youre dead on to get more comfortable with it


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5/10/2014 11:52 AM

Just lift up your back a bit earlier on larger drops and don't level out until after your over. I usually watch my front wheel the whole time. I start like a nose Manuel with the back about a foot of the ground and and right when the front wheel is next to the edge I pull up hard so that I nollie like 1 to 2 feet and tuck up the back so its like a hop into a nosedive then when i"m over I drop the back to level out for the landing. I've done them of ten foot tall roof drops I have three filmed and saved for my edit as of now two to flat one of a roof over a fence and another off a roof and then one just off a wall into a bit of transition. Its all about commitment if your back end clips don't jump the bars cause you will get fucked up if its a big drop you can usually just drop the back so you wont die.


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