Noob Question About A Problem Installing A Gyro

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8/16/2015 3:22 PM

Hey Guys,
I'm pretty much a noob here. I have asked a local bike technician about installing a gyro on my bike. But he said that it's not possible to install a gyro because of the headset but he didn't state why. I have an Odyssey Gyro G3 and my headset is a standard headset. I'm guessing my headset is a bit too big for the gyro? I feel so dumb asking a question but I might as well ask on a forum full of BMX experts lol. So would I need to get another headset? I mean I'm sure there aren't different sizes of gyros. If I do need to get another headset what kind of would I need? Integrated or internal or like a different standard one? I tried googling this problem but it came up with complicated answers which I'm clueless about. Any help would be appreciated guys. I'll provide links to pics of my headset if that helps in any way tongue Halp plz?
Thanks tongue


8/23/2015 5:53 PM

hey i helped a few guys fix this problem, to make this easiest, you will need to purchase a Mechanic STI headset, this is short for standard to integrated this will give you the clearance you will need around the gyro rotor, here's how to install it step by step and i'l take it slow and explain why you are doing each step, keep in mind i'm a A.S.E. certified automobile tech and have been building bikes since 1995,ok asuming you have some experience working on your bike, here we go, the first thing you need to do is remove your old headset and cups, use a hammer and long socket extension to tap out each cup from the opposite side of the headtube thru the inside, now you can install the new cups, take a piece of wood a 2x4 works perfect & grease the inside of the headtube this will ease the installation, place the bottom cup in the bottom of the headtube and gently tap the cup in with the 2x4 and a hammer until its all the way seated in the headtube, now that the bottom is done take the gyro bottom and place this on the top of the headtube followed by the top cup and tap that cup in the same as the bottom until its tightly in place making sure the gyro bottom is straight and the tabs are even on both sides, now grease the bearings and set them aside, take your fork and using a flat head screw driver remove the lower bearing race, if you don't know what this is look at the bottom of the steer tube there will be a metal ring at the bottom this must be changed to work with the new headset, the bottom bearing race is included with the new headset, next tap the old one off gently w a screwdriver and grease the new race, slide it down the steer tube and into place gently tap the new one into place at the top of the race careful not to damage the race itself and make sure its even on the bottom of the fork, next place the bearing cage side up on the lower race and slide the fork thru the headtube, now take the other bearing and install that into the cup cage side down then slide the upper bearing race down the fork onto the bearing and firmly push it down into place, now your almost done, take the dust cap and slide it down the fork and add a few spacers, now take the gyro rotor and place it on the headtube around the fork and take the gyro top plate and slide it down the fork so it rests on the headset spacers , finally add one more spacer on top of the plate and install your stem, remember to tighten the pre-load bolt first until the fork and bars spin smoothly but have no play or shimmy, a good way to test this is turn your wheel sideways and rock the bike back and forth if you hear no click sound and it feels tight line up your stem and tighten it and your ready for the cables.....if you need help with the cables let me know and i will demonstrate that as well