Noob question. How to take peg off back wheel w/ female axle

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7/15/2015 10:25 PM

Hey there I need help with taking this peg off my back wheel. I have a odyssey hazard lite laced to a kink Yukon hub and its LHD. Now I took my wheel to a local shop since I'm away from home and needed a tire put on with a tube. Anyway I get back and I am trying to get the female bolts lined up with the dropouts. And I realized my peg was not on. So I take my wheel off and put the peg on and put the bolts all the way in and tightened it. Then I realized I messed up. So I'm frantically trying to get the peg off it should be no huge problem. The driver side bolt will screw out while I am trying to loosen the peg side since I grind RHD. The black part the peg is against is spinning and so is the peg while the driver side bolt is unscrewing. So I try to put the driver side bolt in and the peg is spinning. This has never happened before and I'm about to go pay to get it fixed. So once more so you understand. I put my wrench on the driver side bolt to hold it in place and I try to loosen the peg side with my extension and the everything is spinning on that side. Can someone explain what's wrong here


7/17/2015 7:46 AM

I hope you have sorted it out by now.


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