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10/10/2011 7:14 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/10/2011 7:18 AM

No Offense to the stickied bmx dirt trails i thought i could help alot more ppl with my thread.

Berm- A mound of dirt that is used as a bank, so riders can ride faster around turns.
Pit- It is the curved area in between two jumps.
Take-off- It is the mound of dirt that the rider jumps from to get air.
Landing- This is the mound that the rider lands on.
Double- This has two mounds of dirt. One is a take-off, and the other is a landing.
Triple- This has three mounds of dirt in a row. One is a take-off, and the other two are landings.
Hip Jump- This is where you set up the landing to the left or right of the take-off, so they are not aligned up with each other.
Tabletop- This is one mound of dirt that has a take-off and landing. There is not a pit in between the two.
Step-up- This is where the landing is higher than the take-off.
Step-down- This is where the landing is lower than the take-off.

Helpful Links-
Gene's Bmx
Texas Trail Building Tips
Building Dirt Jumps: At
Angel Fire: How To Build Dirt Jumps

Bmx Spine-


This is Basically what you want for a spine but just imagine it dirt. I would also make it 3-5 feet high and bigger for more experienced riders.

Bmx Berm-


This is a sexy berm. This should be the main goal for all your berms to look as smooth and as awesome as that.


BERMS from TrailPirate on Vimeo.

Trail Etiquette from TrailPirate on Vimeo.

Trail Maintenance from TrailPirate on Vimeo.

RE-BUILD from TrailPirate on Vimeo.

how to build ROLLERS from TrailPirate on Vimeo.

Slap that Lip - Building a dirt jump from TrailPirate on Vimeo.

The Above Videos Are From Trail Pirate

How To build Bmx Dirt jumps-

I Hope This Helped.
This is From the original dirt jump tutorial all props go to ridebmxnc for this-

Some basic guidelines for public dirt jumps. Maybe you'll find these helpful. Maybe you won't. Very few people know any of this. Remind your fellow rider so next time he can't say he didn't know. Feel free to cut/paste/adjust/repost... SPREAD THE WORD !!!

1. If you enjoy riding your local dirt jumps, then CONTRIBUTE. Give something back. Don't just show up, tear it up, and split. Repairing your own damage is MANDATORY. If you mess it up, FIX it. If you take a chunk out of a landing, FIX it. (If you don't know how, ask).

2. DON'T LITTER !!! This is only one of many ways dirt jumps get torn down. Don't bury it. Use a trash can. Trash looks horrible.

3. DIGGING means to dig new dirt and maintain the trails. It does not mean "re-shaping" things you don't like or "don't flow" for you. Lip shapes and transitions are the privilege of the builders. If the builders like steep lips/landings, that's how it is.

4. If you show up to a spot while people are digging, then you dig BEFORE riding. This applies to everyone. If you show up and the Diggers aren't there, then you can water the jumps before riding, that's it. DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING.

5. MAINTENANCE is watering, sweeping, picking up trash, raking, packing, etc. (Sweeping dust off dry jumps is not as good as actually watering it, which will settle the dust and re-pack it when ridden).

6. Riding is done AFTER you have demonstrated appropriate willingness to contribute to the trails.

7. DON'T ride when it's muddy. It tears the jumps up, and pointless anyway. Be patient. DON'T create more work for everybody.

8. ABSOLUTELY NO motorized vehicles of any kind. No 50's mini bikes, quads, dirt-bikes, RC cars, etc.

9. Dirt Jumps are NOT a playground, and little kids should NOT be running up and down lips/landings like they're at a McDonald's Play Palace.

10. BE RESPECTFUL-Can't be said enough. Be respectful to the builders, neighbors, other riders, and the Earth. If you're respectful, you won't get disrespected. Period. Don't be a loud, littering, selfish guy with an attitude. Thanks.

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10/15/2011 8:13 AM

i want to make a really tall berm in a fast section like the one in the picture that you roll up the top of it and then drop in!


virginia beach ~ instagram: @_harru_ ~ 4pegz