Old Spodes first season coming up -- question on getting air.

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3/29/2013 6:23 PM

Hello VBMX people . . .

I am an accomplished motorcycle rider/racer and lifelong bicycle rider. At 53 I decided I want to race. I am excited and terrified at the same time. I lost my killer instinct two decades ago and have a mortgage, ha ha. The UPS truck will be dropping off a Haro 124 any day now and although I have no delusions about being fast, I dont want to be a novelty at the track among the younger people. I am in great shape so that stuff is no issue, what is the issue is that I simply cant control bicycles once they leave the ground. No big deal trail riding by myself, but now that Im going to next level, it is. Do any of you experienced people have any tips on maintaining control once the bike leaves the ground ? How do I launch? weight biased backward, mid or forward ??? I'm clueless . . .
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Dont care about epic or anything like that, just simply making time over the rhythm sections without looping, hi-siding or getting squirrelly. The 24"er is a little smaller than my other bikes. Its hard to be an old tool doing this for the first time,
I appreciate any tips you guys/girlsmay have on this stuff !!!

If you're still awake after all these dopey questions---> Thanks in advance, and regards from Kentucky smile