Painted rim wont stop

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6/13/2013 7:47 PM

I'm new to bmx and new to the forum. Just getting in to this but I've been lovin it. Anyway my problem is that the kid I bought my bike off of did a kid's spray painting job on it. He painted both rims and had no brakes. I put brand new brakes on the rear and they really didn't work. I'm good with mechanics and worked on my mountain bike for years so I know I adjusted them properly. So I removed all the paint with a wire brush on my grinder. That helped a little but still terrible. I just got new aftermarket pads but haven't put them on yet. Hopefully that will get me some more power.

My question is is there something I can do to this rim to save it and get more grip or is it just ruined and I need to get a new rim?


6/14/2013 1:48 AM

i feel like you might have just had like shitty walmart pads on there, try the aftermarket pads and maybe try adjusting a bit more


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