Parts or new frame?

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5/13/2013 9:53 AM


I'm looking to get either new parts or a new frame, and I'm not sure what to get. I'm either going to get Eclat stream forks, a sunday freeze stem, fit faf tires, odyssey JC trailmix pedals and a gsport rollcage rim. If I decide to get a frame, I'll get a united Mothership v2, either purple/black, matt black or burgandy.

The frame I've got now is high tensile steel, not 4130 chromoly, which is why i want the new frame. I cant get the parts and the frame, it's one or the other.... anyone got any advice?

I have a 2012 Mafiabikes Clip2 (, with odyssey twisted pedals, amity basement bars and cult vans grips if that helps anyone.