Pedal cracking noise

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7/1/2018 12:03 PM

When i push my pedal with some force down it makes a cracking noise.. reminds me of gear change on a regular bike. How can i fix that? Got that since i bought it but ive read it goes away after some weeks but it did not.


7/1/2018 3:08 PM

If the pedal itself is making that noise the bearings are shot. If it's more of a creaking sound, there's loads of things it could be. Best bet is take your pedals and cranks off, give em a clean, and reassemble with plenty of grease.


7/11/2018 5:51 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/11/2018 5:52 AM

Yeah if it's a creaking while cranking it's usually due to lack of grease. As a rule, lightly grease anything that's metal on metal. BB, crank spindle, pedal threads. If this doesn't sort it you probably have shot bearings either in the pedals or BB.

You say they're new, so if you didn't grease up the threads that'll be your problem.


8/20/2018 11:16 AM

Need grease or its too tight without grease, if this doesnt work ypur pedal is shot