Pedal feeble grind helpppp!!

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5/30/2010 9:01 PM

I can pedal grind on my back pedal, but I'm having trouble doing it on the front pedal. Can someone give me some tips, or even make a how to video. I mean I know the basics. Hop at the ledge, lean foward and drop your pedal. But when you feeble with pegs you whip your back end over so the peg gets on the ledge. Should I not do that with a pedal grind? Should i come at the ledge a little bit on an angle and get on the ledge a little bit crocked? cause I've been approaching the ledge like a feeble (pretty much straight on) . And it hasn't been working out to well, I already dented the hell out of my frame, so please help. And tips will be helpful, unless you say use brakes.... Ha