Pegs fitting (fixing bike i suppose?)

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9/4/2018 4:31 PM

i recently bought some Odyssey MPEGs Peg. i have also just picked up a WTP Arcade 2018, i had a pair of salt plus pegs but they didnt fit on the back wheel of my new bike. im wondering if the Odyssey pegs will fit on the back wheel, the back wheel nut is a 19mm wheel nut, while the front a 17mm. (the front peg fit, but i needed i new pair of pegs anyways)

,, jack


9/4/2018 11:05 PM

Your rear axle is 14mm. So you need a peg that has a 14mm axle hole. If your 19mm socket is too big to fit in the peg, get a 17mm nut for 14mm axle. I'd suggest getting 17mm nuts anyway, then you only need one tool to take both wheels off