Please help me bunny hop

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1/3/2016 8:06 AM

I've looked at forums and stuff but it isn't really helping ">


1/3/2016 9:15 AM

Lean back and pull up on the bars, as if you were trying a manual. Keep pulling up but centralise your weight, it will feel a bit like you're about to loop out while manualing. Hop yourself up, suck your back wheel up and push your bars in front of you. Try to make your back wheel hit your butt by bending your knees, the 'pop' will push the bike upwards so your feet stay on the pedals, and straighten your arms. If your back wheel hits your butt, you're doing it right.

That's my technique for hopping high, the same should work for learning, but you don't need to concentrate as much with the wheel hitting your ass, or getting your arms straight. I can't remember learning to hop though. Try it up curbs, that way you'll know when your getting the back wheel off the ground, as you won't be hooking up. Don't stamp it down when landing though or you could hook up enough to get a pinch flat. You never really need to stamp when landing, some people do and it looks hideous


1/3/2016 11:04 AM

grumpySteve wrote:

Lean back and pull up on the bars, as if you were trying a manual. Keep pulling up but centralise your weight, it will feel a ...more

Thanks I'm going to go out and try it


2/10/2016 8:48 AM

Id say start by practicing just hopping both wheels a couple inches off the ground at the same time to get the feel for pulling the wheel up with your pedals. And also pulling high as you can.. sometimes it just takes time to strengthen ur back and arm muscles and coordinate them. Once youve figured how to use your legs and arms independently to lift the bike move on to bunnys.
1. Crouch down to build momentum and then spring up pulling the bars into.your lap but remember to shoot up and not back.
2. Your body should be straigt up and down.. not leaned all the way back and your bars should be kinda around your lap/hip area. Dont worry abouy height right now.. coordination is what u learn first then height will inevitably follow.
3. Now that your front off the ground pull your legs bending your knees and sucking them up to your atomach. If your weight is too far back youll be lifting ur bike plus your body weight which its easier to.shooy your body up and pull the bike you.
4. If you did all this right your back wheel.should come.up to the same height as your front wheel and the bike will fall back to the ground.
It may seem impossible but like.with any new skill, enough repetition will build muscle memory and familiarize you with how its done and itll be easier.
Good luck!


2/10/2016 3:55 PM

found this site

when I started bunny hopping I put a stick on the road , jumped over that about 50 times , next day I found something taller like a 2x4 ,the next day I started jumping over my school bag ,then onto the pavement , eventually onto ledges , then higher and higher ledges

watched your vid , and I noticed you not keeping your pedals straight or level , coaster abit with your pedals level - lean down , lift front , snap up , if you having trouble lifting the back tyre up , I see you also have back breaks , put a peg on and hop on your back wheel abit then put it all together , good luck


2/26/2016 11:43 AM

Idk if this should go here but I'm having trouble getting my back end up high enough to grind ledges, but if I just plain bunny hop everything works fine, any advice.


2/27/2016 2:51 PM

Hop higher