Pull Up Bar Trouble

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6/6/2018 7:25 PM

Im pretty new to BMX and ive basically gotten down bunnyhops and was looking for new tricks to attempt so for the past few weeks ive been thinking about attempting pull up bars and today was finally the day that i attempted them to complete failure. Im not the best at manuals and whenever i go to do the actual bar i always end up completely tossing the bike or jumping straight off completely unintentionally. I have a fear of letting go of the bars mid air which is usually the thing that trips me out but when i actually go to throw the bars i feel like i dont have enough time to throw them completely and then catch them. Im going to keep persisting and attempting them but any help or tips would be greatly appreciated smile


"What the hell is the noise coming from?!"

6/7/2018 11:46 PM

After 30+ years riding I can tell you this. Get bike control first before trying anything. Hops are key and manuals come in very handy. So work like your in school on them. Set a goal for each and try daily to get one or both goals met. Then, set another one to get to. You can never hop too high or manual too long. Keep doing them. Trust me it will pay off in the end.

Now about the pull up bar. You need to get past the fear and the only way to do that is practice what I said above and... learn 1 handers. Jump a curb into grass, probably can do it right at the end of your driveway. And work on getting the front wheel up a bit more than the back. Once you are comfortable doing that, loosen a hand slightly and close it before you land. Do that over and over and you will start to land 1 handed (one hand not gripping the grip) on accident. But you will not fall because you know in your head that you will be able to save it by then. Next step start taking the hand off a bit an inch even is good. Set goals for farther away from the grip just like the stuff above. Once you can remove the hand say 3+ inches and get it back on... the fear will be going away. You will have the control in your mind and it will not bother you.

It’s Baby steps in BMX. Crawl before you walk...and soon you will be able to run. Get what I mean? And everyone learns at a different speed you could get everything I said in 1 afternoon and then start working on bars the same day. Or you could take a few days or so. Just stick to it and you will get it trust me. I never thought I would get a bunch of stuff down. Now it’s too easy to do.


6/8/2018 9:54 AM

One little trick that makes the pull up bar a lot easier is doing it to fakie on a super mellow bank.
That way, if you don't catch the bars you won't loop out or fall, you just stop.

Go up the bank at slow speed and do the pull up bar when right before you stop.
Pinch the seat, straighten the legs, pull up and lean over the bars when you throw them.

Then move on from there to do them with speed, on flat ground, down things or what ever you want to do with them.
I was also really scared of throwing the bars at first but this is really, really easy.


6/13/2018 3:22 AM
Edited Date/Time: 6/13/2018 4:21 AM

Having just landed my first pullup bars yesterday, I can tell you that it's 100% commitment. I've only managed to land a half bar on a flyout but I feel learning pullups really helps get used to the feeling of looping out and getting over that fear.

Advice wise, what helped me was having the motion down so I don't have to think about it. Throw the bars until you can catch them every time. Walking along, sitting on your bike, back foot on the peg bars are very useful for learning the motion without fear of looping out. Make sure you're throwing towards your forward foot. Left foot forward throw anti clockwise, right foot forward reverse that. I spent ages trying to learn switch bars as that felt more natural being right handed, but found it completely worth re-learning the motion of throwing the correct way. Should make learning switch bars a little easier in the future so I'm not too annoyed I had to relearn them!

Also if you're scared of catching the bars, Spencer Foresman's video on throwing them and landing no handed might be useful. I've seen a bunch of people do that and get barspins soon after. Personally I prefer just to throw the bars. No hander landings, bus drivers and x-up bars feel very weird to me.

The thing that finally got me to successfully learn pullup bars was to jam my back foot slightly into my chainstay as against only pinching the cranks and seat. Gives you some piece of mind because it's much harder for your foot to slip off the pedal. Throw half bars first and work up. Try them on grass in case you do loop out. Only happened to me once and grass is easier on your wrists if you do fall on your arse! I'm hoping that once I can do pullup bars out of banks I can just increase my speed until I'm getting my back wheel up as well.

Foot position with the chainstay I mentioned is kinda like this helped me a ton. Bit of a cheat but it helps get over that initial fear.

Good luck!