Rear wheel moves out of no where

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6/10/2013 9:09 PM

Does anyone else have the problem of their rear wheel moving out of no where moving and starts hitting the frame,i align the wheel perfect when i tighten the chain and doesnt hit the frame when i move the wheel

But if i seem to hop off a ledge or anything that involves a hard landing the back wheel out of no where moves and dis-aligns and hits the frame ?

Any help? Its happened around 5 times already recently and always aling the wheel back and tighten the chain after it happenes and this used to never used to happen



6/11/2013 2:44 PM

Your not tightening the wheel enough. Happened to me a few months ago, had to drag my bike 2 miles.


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6/18/2013 3:46 PM

Mine moves slightly if I land weird or land on my peg hard, it happens a bit more on my Macneil Loden v2 with the taper lock drops. Glad they did away with that design.
Only ever moved far enough to rub or wedge it in the stays when I have hung my peg on a rail or ledge though.
Try tightening your wheel a bit more. Another thing, is your frame bent?