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8/27/2015 8:27 AM

ok, this kind of sucks, I moved to south florida a while ago and got back into riding a few years ago after about ten years off, I used to be at the local trails everyday you could find new spots to build constantly, now my prob is I have plenty of places to dig but the dirt is just not working, its extremely sandy and by the time you reach dirt good enough to pack your hitting water lol and im talking two feet down. so unless I convince a dump truck driver to dump a load of clay in a random spot in the woods looks like im shit out of luck. so does anyone on here live in or near broward palmbeach counties? if so do you know of anyone who has built any trails or has any already good to ride? im willing to travel great distances for decent dirt lol we hava few good parks but its soooo hot and rains every day during summer you cant really ride much and the indoor parks are for treason committing scooter riders and wood pushers so PLEASEEEE HELP!!!!