Seat Wobbles

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8/3/2016 6:58 PM

So basically I have only had this bike for like 2 & 1/2 months, not too long and the seat is already acting up. It is fine on the vertical part but it shakes horizontally and after and during every ride until i tighten it. Is this normal or should I get a new seat?


8/4/2016 2:25 PM

What type of seat is it? Pivotal? Railed? Tripod?
You might need a new seat if it's been run loose for a while, no matter what type it is you may have worn the engagement between it and the post


8/4/2016 6:16 PM

Its a pivotal, I don't know the technical term but the ridged part below the seat looks stripped/warn so I'll probably do the new seat route.


8/4/2016 11:38 PM

Yeah that'll cure it. You could just tighten it really tight and see if it stays in place. I noticed with mine it feels like I'm over tightening it, but otherwise there's still a bit of movement