Should I get a 2014 fit wifi or a 2015 wethepeople Volta?

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10/25/2014 1:55 PM

I can't decide, also should I get 20.75 tt or 21, I'm 5'6 I do park and trails


10/25/2014 2:18 PM

wifi's are the most unstable frame in existance, but for street some people like it
it will feel terrible on trails so i would recommend against it
(yes i owned a wifi and rode trails/park/street for the time that i had it)


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5/25/2015 2:25 PM

Fit Wi-Fi


6/14/2015 4:35 AM
Edited Date/Time: 6/14/2015 6:28 PM

I speak mostly out of preference, because I ride a WTP.

Still, I have compared my bike's geometry to the Fit WiFi's. Yes, I have taken my time, and yes, this will be a serious answer.
I do jumps/trails and also some street (like...never...).

To be honest, the geometry of the wifi is nearly, if not exactly, the same as my current frame. The head tube is a wee bit steeper and the chainstay super short... That's why it has a reputation of being unstable.

The Volta is a step up from the Trust, which itself is a step up from mine.

If you can afford it, get the Volta. Why? It's not only preference, and there is some radical thinking behind this:

The volta has a slacker geometry than the Fit's.

The Fit has a 75.5 degree headtube, whereas the Volta has a .5 deg slacker head at 75. It also has a longer chainstay, which is at 13.4 inches vs the 13.3 (and that is the max value) for the Fit. This will contribute to a more "relaxed" and stable riding in fast parks or when you are boosting up 6ft doubles. Take for example cross country mountain bikes and downhill mountain bikes. You have the same explanation there.

Plus, generally, the lower the BB height, the more stable the bike is. Here, at WTP, the engineers have already given some stability into the frame with the slack head and the long chainstay. Still, a BMX should be flickable. That's why they built a 11.7 inch tall BB into the frame. The Fit comes with the 11.6 BB height, and altho it seems lower, the big factor really is the head angle and the chainstay length, and at .1 inches, who will feel the difference? The slightest change in the head or chainstay really affects the handling, but the BB a bit less...

Also, the WTP bikes come specked out with great parts and is the perfect bang for you buck. The price might seem waaay more expensive, in which case you should either man up, or take the Trust (or Crysis). The higher the price, the better the feel, and the longer it will last. I should say that you can expect a lifetime of riding from the Volta is you are not Gary Young, throwing your bike into the air...

Hey, If you have the possibility, try both out. It's all about the feel and personal preference, man.

If not, take the WTP. You will like it. Nuff said.

PS: THere's a reason why WeThePeople are ranked in the top tens. Search "Best BMX Brand" and let the numbers do the talk.


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