Sprocket Alignment Issue

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12/3/2013 4:42 PM

I own two Fly Pantera's. Not sure on the years, got them both used. They were both complete custom bikes when I got them, and both have the same problem - the drive sprocket doesn't line up correctly with the cassette sprocket. I've tried using other cranks, spindles, bottom brackets, rear wheels, sprockets, spacers, and washers... all with the same results. Something is always off and doesn't look right or feel right. Both frames have identical chain and seat stays, and identical dimensions. With the chain in a bind, I've broken a couple. Any advice on how to fix it or info on what may be causing this would be much appreciated. Can get pics if it will help.


12/4/2013 12:27 PM

If you've tried everything then id say either the frames are crooked or the bottom bracket is a perfect width that makes alignment impossible.

If you're cranking really hard at stuff then alignment is extremely important, as snapping a chain at full-throttle will result in death haha. On my race bike, it's near perfect alignment.
But, if you aren't always hauling ass, it's not as important. My chain alignment on my btm is a little off, so to compensate for the crooked chain, i run my chain a little looser than normal, still snug, just not super tight. Loosen it up a little bit and you will stop snapping chains for sure.


12/7/2013 9:05 PM

you've tried the paper thin spacers?


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