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2/25/2012 7:38 PM

Everybody went through that phase that they wanted the coolest stickers on their bike.

Now how do i get the stupid things off. they are die cut and stuck on pretty good. I was thinking heating up first but idk if that will just stick on better? also i don't wanna scrape them off cuz its just gonna mess my frame


2/25/2012 8:55 PM

I put on a sticker, tried taking it off, but all that paper shit got stuck there. Anyways what i did was kept on rubbing the white leftover stuff off and throw some water on there and kept rubbing it off with my thumb. It might give you a blister the next day but its worth it


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2/25/2012 9:48 PM

heat it up with a blow dryer
use razor blade to get under the edge of sticker
peal off sticker
use goo gone to get rid of any stick left


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2/25/2012 11:07 PM

... sand whole frame and paint it whatever color you wish?


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2/26/2012 9:09 PM

?? corleezy is the only guy that made any sense lmfao

im not taking a razor blade to my bike and also not painting my raw bike....


8/1/2012 8:38 AM

you dont have to go into the paint to with a razor blade just be gentle and start to get the corner of it up but if your to scared to put 1 little nick in your bike your probly not riding it very well


8/2/2012 1:35 AM

Use amberklene, Photo


10/28/2012 9:12 AM

Get goo off its like $2. It'll take it off easy. Otherwise peel it off then use a baking soda and vinegar mix and rub it on the paper.


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10/28/2012 11:59 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/28/2012 12:00 PM

razor blade, blow dryer and rubbing alcohol (acetone)...i've used Goof Off/Goo Be Gone and it dulled my clear coat so i had to buff it out, the acetone won't dull it out unless you leave it on for long periods of time.

heat up the sticker residue with the hair dryer, peel the sticker off with the razor blade, apply acetone and keep wiping with a dry paper towel until everything is gone.


10/31/2012 1:15 PM

Ive used wd40 in the past with razor blade, I wonder how paint thinner would work?


10/31/2012 9:07 PM

Peel it off, and if there's adhesive or paper residue, just throw some water or WD-40 on there, and rub that shit off.


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