Turndown Issues

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10/7/2016 10:06 AM

Alright so I'm trying to learn turndowns on a flyout, I've dialed the motion laying on my back and have all the basics of cranking and dropping your front foot but the only issue is when I hit a flyout and attempt them I can't straighten my legs and turn. I've been trying them for awhile. Any tips on getting my legs straight?
also, before it's asked I run 10" 4pc bars. any and all tips are appreciated!


10/7/2016 12:22 PM

They took me years to get my head around. But you have to kind of pull up the front end of your bike, lean forward, straighten your legs (so you're kind of sticking your ass out, to keep the weight central), THEN twist your bike and turn the bars


11/15/2016 3:31 PM