What am I doing wrong?

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7/2/2016 1:24 PM

I began trying 180s out of a bank. Above is a link to a video of me trying it (ignore the horrible fakie at the end, I usually don't do it like this and can fakie and roll out normally)

So aside from speed (yes, I know I need to go faster), what are my mistakes in the technique? What exactly am I doing wrong? I mean, I am doing a 180, but it looks freaking horrible.....
Any feedback is welcome.


7/2/2016 11:39 PM

Go faster, hop higher


7/6/2016 12:47 PM

grumpySteve wrote:

Go faster, hop higher


Besides the case, it looked ok. Go faster, higher and just keep doing 180s.

Good technique isn't really something that can be taught, it comes from experience.


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7/9/2016 4:57 PM

The 180 is indeed okay, but for the looks you could try to suck up the back end a bit more while doing the 180, don't have much more to add unfortunately, just keep at it wink


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