What are some quality upgrades?

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8/12/2015 8:35 AM

Hey people, bought a Wethepeople Reason 2012 just as a spur of the moment deal cause I want to get back into riding after about 7 years of giving it up, and im excited, like super excited, now about the bike, its very solid, an absolute steal for the price I bought it for in my opinion (bikes are so light now-a-days) and Im wondering what upgrades would be beneficial and/or must buy for this (presumably stock BMX)?

Thanks in advance.


8/23/2015 3:32 PM

whats up my friend, sounds like you have a good bike to begin with, first off heres what i did when i bought my complete kink after about ten years off, 1. clear brake pads, this will help stop on a dime..if you run brakes, 2. pick a nice CNC'd stem either top load if you want higher bars or front load for a bit more leg room, 3. cranks, a nice crank for the money is the Stolen Talon any 48spline crmo cranks will do you great to shed some weight and get rid of that pinch bolt and strengthen it up, 4. get a good set of grips, something soft and that feels good to you, i just bought Merritt Charlie Crumlish gripsand they are amazing, 5. invest in a decent half link chain, Stolen makes an affordable and decent one and shadow is prob the best, 6. Linear cable upgrade.....again only if you run brakes, 7. Tires, get a nice set of fat grippy tires, this will completely change how your bike hanldes and feels, Demolition machete 20x2.35 are perfect light and affordable, 8. sealed hubs and dubble wall rims, not sure what level that bike is if the wheels are already sealed and strong no need to waste too much cash, 9. Sproket, a good sproket will be light strong and thick, example is the Tree light , i just got it and i love it super smoothe and strong not to mention crazy light, and finally personalize your ride man stickers paint graphics ect anything that says its yours and makes it stand out from the rest......check out my ride buddy and get back to me....i hope this helps mate


8/27/2015 6:55 PM

And if you want to save weight take it away from the wheels 1lb equals 4lbs static weight


8/28/2015 6:10 AM

jerseyriderOG wrote:

whats up my friend, sounds like you have a good bike to begin with, first off heres what i did when i bought my complete kink ...more

Thanks for the info much appreciated.


8/29/2015 11:05 PM

I wouldn't worry about buying new parts just yet homie.

just ride what you've got and as things break swap em out

if it aint broke don't fix it kinda thing


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