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Zefay Zefay
7/1/2018 12:06 PM

I want one front and one rear drive side but i dont know much about what fits and what not.
Got a freecoaster.

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fooby fooby
7/11/2018 5:57 AM

Check if there's a specific one for your hubs, if not, check if your coaster has KHE internals. Tons of options for them. BSD Jersey Barrier has a KHE none drive side option, or you could go G-sport gland in the front, G-sport uniguard in the rear. Not as clean looking but they are both universal guards. Also if you run plastic pegs, consider getting plastic guards.

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Zefay Zefay
7/11/2018 6:25 AM
fooby wrote:

Check if there's a ...more

Thanks for the reply,


Seems like i got a SaltPlus Vertex hub

edit: couldnt find much, somehow the vertex is only available in black, while mines in white and there isnt much information stated about fitting hubguards especially drive side.

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fooby fooby
7/11/2018 6:46 AM

I can't find one for the vertex but the uniguard should fit. If your front hub is salt I think there's a salt push on guard that works with all their front hubs.

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