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4/21/2017 8:31 PM

Hey I've just got into BMXing about 2 weeks ago and I've been going at it everyday now. Im trying to wheelie and I can get the front wheel up no problem. I ride a Mongoose Bmx (IDK THE NAME) and it seems that whenever I do a wheelie it goes to high and I fall back or I try and peddle but I cant. I think my longest wheelie was like 1.5 Seconds. I practice on flat ground on my house and sometimes in my field. I try the trick and I usually feel like I'm gonna fall flat on my ass so I bail. Is it good to feel like your gonna fall back? is it just me being afraid? I really need to master this trick so i can move onto manuals.
1) I petal with my right foot really hard and get the bike up.
2) I try and petal (Bike usually falls back down or I go to far back)
3) If I can I get 1-2 petals in and land it or fall.
Please Help
BTW I am 13 and I just started


4/22/2017 7:35 AM

You need to work out how hard you need to pedal. If you crank hard, you'll loop out. Once you've got the front end up, stop leaning backwards put your body weight central. Keep a couple of fingers on the brake lever so you can dab the lever to stop yourself looping

You don't need to do wheelies to do manuals. Once you find the balancing point, manuals are easier!


4/22/2017 8:12 AM

grumpySteve wrote:

You don't need to do wheelies to do manuals. Once you find the balancing point, manuals are easier!

Oh my God, this, the last sentence especially.

If you want to learn manuals, abandon the wheelies and learn manuals. For your consideration, and this is just my experience and opinion, so YMMV and the like...

1) Manuals are hard! Full stop.

2) Looping out (falling back) is part and parcel of learning manuals. I personally feel that looping out is better than not pulling back enough; you can't know your balance point until you exceed it. Stay safe, though. I took a pretty bad digger learning manuals. It was so bad it drove me to wearing kneed pads. Moving on.

3) The gyroscopic effect is your friend; don't be afraid to add a little pace. Emphasis on "little". Don't get too crazy with the speed or you might find your looping out harder to manage once your feet touch down.

4) Manuals are hard! Hey, it bears repeating. It's a balancing game, one whose progress is measured incrementally, fractionally. It took me forever to get them going well.

5) Once you get good at them, NEVER CHANGE YOUR TIRES! I'm kidding, of course, but I had the damnedest time getting my manuals back after getting new tires, and I'm STILL not back to where I was. It's seriously frustrating.

Again, just my two cents.