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10/20/2013 8:18 PM

I'm left foot forward, grind on the left, and spin to the right. I know I should do tricks whatever way feels comfortable, but generally when someone rides like me, which way should I
1. Invert? Pegs up towards myself right?
2. Barspin? Darryl Tocco says throw into your forward foot (so with my left hand) but Adam LZ's instructions imply I should throw with my right. I trust Tocco over LZ, but what do you think?
3. Toboggan? I'm assuming the same way I barspin?


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10/22/2013 7:01 PM

1 doesnt matter at all, you could probably learn both fairly easy
2 i throw em the wrong way(right foort foward, and i throw with my left hand) it will only make a differnce when you add them to spins, you generally want to throw them into your right foot(left hand throws them for you)
3 either or, i can do both, i suggest you do the same. once you learn both choose which one you like better, for me i like to grab the seat with my right hand, because i have a broken finger on my left hand, although i would rather grab left


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10/24/2013 3:57 AM

Think about which way you'll want to do them in a 180 or 360. Even though you might not be able to do that yet, you want to be able to build on the tricks you learn and link them together, so learn them with that in mind.
1. Tables/Inverts- You'll want your front tire hitting your left shoulder when you're fully clicked, so turn it so that your left foot will be on the top side of the bike and your right foot will be on the bottom.
2. Barspins- Throw with your left hand, catch with your right.
3. Toboggans- Probably grabbing with your right hand, turning the bars with your left, but either way can work.
4. Turndowns- Kick the back end out to the right, and turn the bars to the right.
5. Tailwhips- Kick to the left, spin it clockwise.