Worth buying a longer seat post to learn bars?

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6/13/2018 3:31 AM
Edited Date/Time: 6/13/2018 4:11 AM

Hi all, I'm new here, trying to learn barspins finally! I have foot on the peg bars and pullup bars down. Pullups are much scarier for me as I feel like I'm not pinching enough, even though I have 9" standover and 2" or so seat post to play with. Peg bars feel so easy due to my front foot being at the bottom of the pedal stroke so that I have much more seat to pinch. I do pinch my cranks as well but I still struggle to commit out of flyout and not put my back foot down. It always feels like the bike will drop and I'll eat shit, even though I'm pretty sure it's all in my head. The movement is second nature and I catch the bars every time as I've been doing peg bars for years, just the foot issue now.

The flyout I'm learning on is a bank around 6ft no coping. Steep as a quarter but they feel easier as I don't have to worry so much about levelling about before throwing the bars.

Anybody tried getting a super long seat post just to get over the commitment fears until they were more comfortable, and more importantly did it help?



6/19/2018 1:54 AM

Back in the day everyone pinched the seat with their knees. And it was easier (even I could do them fairly consistently!) but in reality, it is just a commitment/balls thing. Ideally you want to level out, get your ass over the back wheel, then throw them. You can kind of pinch the seat with your calves, or lean the seat against you back foot calf for support


12/19/2018 7:22 PM

I tried the long seat post , made it easier for me to fall on my back , using your feet to pinch the cranks is the way that works for me