adjust seat-angle on my Animal pivotal... wtf is my problem?

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6/28/2014 5:53 PM

have this ( ) seat w/ animal pivotal post. for some reason, I'm unable to adjust the angle of the seat now, and don't wanna tear my seat's covering apart trying to look at the bolt that's basically beyond-sight.
What size key is this supposed to be?? Am kinda thinking i may've messed this thing up and tore/stripped it apart, cuz no key - metric or imperial - will grab it. I've just been tossing that seat&post into my seat-tube, and tightening the seat-post-clamp, and it sits fine, but would like to do it properly lol (or, just trade my bro for his 1piece snafu... gah i really like animal and hate the pattern on the snafu tho..)


6/28/2014 5:55 PM
Edited Date/Time: 6/28/2014 6:00 PM

edit- i can 'adjust' it, if i take it off of the bike.. it's just not adjustable when in-bike. If i remove the seat&post, the seat goes forth/back on the post w/o hesitation. But when i throw an allen key into the top of the seat, i cannot get any reaction from that bolt.. am thinking it's just stripped, but i've tried to verify w/ flashlight and the opening in the seat is too small to see... don't wanna hurt its aesthetics cuz can trade it now as-is lol
sorry if my wording sux- it's 'adjustable' at all times when free from bike, because i'm unable to tighten or loosen the bolt from the top of the seat... so i just adjust it manually, then jam it into my seat-tube, tighten the seat-clamp, and it stays where i intended... but wanna be able to adjust angle, while it's affixed to my bike


6/28/2014 7:09 PM

sorry i'm not trying to bump posts here (this isn't so heavily-trafficked that it'd make sense to do so, anyways) but i just tried my bro's Snafu 1-piece seat/post combo, and it's slightly below where i want when at its max but it comes across as 0.5% lighter for the bike as a total (it's 3.5oz lighter from the animal seat&post combo)
i'm being a 'weight weenie' i guess and will deal w/ the stupid pattern on this seat, the weight savings are worth it imo cuz i weigh