barspins, left/right handed?

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10/30/2014 9:23 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/30/2014 9:41 AM

So I'm all psyched up to start learning barspins. I have no fly out to work with, so I'm just gonna go straight for the flat. I ride left foot forward. Everybody's saying you should throw with the same hand as your forward foot. I always used to throw manual bar spins with my right hand (I'm getting back into bmx at 30). How important is it that I learn to throw the right way? What's going to happen? The spin feels real natural to me right handed, and left.. Really doesn't.

Also, I have a break, no gyro. The cable is long enough to go around.. But you think it is going to drive me crazy enough that I should remove it now? I only hesitate to cause I have a 2.5 yr old I ride with (no training wheels) sometimes he has a way of carving right into me and I have to hit the breaks to avoid collision.


11/4/2014 9:46 PM

There isn't really anything wrong with doing them that way, it isn't frowned upon and you won't get hated for it but the only problem would be doing 180 bars. You'd have to spin against your momentum