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4/29/2013 2:56 PM

i dont have a sealed BB so i want to get a new one. i have an american one, do i need to get another american one or can i just get a mid or something else? also, would i need new cranks? and what brand BB do u guys recommend?


4/30/2013 10:43 AM

im pretty sure you need an american bb, not too sure though because i remember hearing that an american bb is a mid bb with a cup on the bearings... not too sure though, so id just go with these

if its a 19mm spindle go with these

if its a 22mm spindle

you could probably just reuse your spacers, if not just pick some up from your local bike shop, you could probably even get sealed bearings there for cheaper because of no shipping and such

and thats if its a 3pc crankwhich im assuming it is


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