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2/16/2015 3:09 AM

with this trick whenever i get into it i dont feel comfortable in my balance, i feel like im doing something wrong when i get into the grind because its not grinding smootly, does anyone have any tips for this trick? and are round rails easier that flat rails or are flat rails easier?


3/11/2015 10:32 AM

I know this is a bit late (and I'm new to vital keep that in mind) but there honestly easier for me on round rails it lets you really lock in your pedal and crank arm. and then i slide it out till the end of what ever rail I'm on. like when you land you should be partially on your pedal and partially on your crank arm and tilt your pedal down a bit to really lock in.

damn i typed a story. good luck and sorry for the late reply you probably have em by now.!


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