crannk-arm finishes.. what's practical, what looks cool?

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11/14/2014 7:48 PM

I rude a satin/matte black SU2 (united supreme 2012 edition) and i love to mod my bikes to personalize them, but this bike is too fatnastic outta the box, so it's hard to really do anything personal to it, aside from just spending $$$ on high-end accessorie repladcenetns..
Anyways, after riding for a while, my 3130jap/seamless/chromo cranks (United brand, probably subbed-out to a 3rd party) came in gloss black and, while the paint is impressively strong, it is getting chaffed pretty significantly where my inner-ankles rub it (when wearing jeans)

SO, the idea now is:
- remove both arms and spindle;
- soak spindle in prep for an overhaul;
- get the paint off both crank arms (i imagine a wet-sanding is a given, but what else? Maybe add vinegar/isopropyl to the liquid i'm dipping my sponges/sandpaper into?)
- clear polyurethane the finished crank armsl

I have to imagine this will give me some 'brushed steel' textural effect on the cranksz (i have sufficiently varied wools, blocks, rugs etc, that i can def approach an "aesthetic sanding" project w/o worry)

Hope anyone, now matter how irrelevant you may think it is, will speak up with their thoughts, tips, tricks, or even just well-wishes. I've been riding like an animal and think that this is the key to a new legal firht now, so am realllly holding back lol!

Thanks for any thoughts tups!
I'm unsure if this ha


11/15/2014 2:36 PM

all paint rubs off of crank arms, its irritating but you'll get used to it
the stock paint that comes on bikes is almost always powdercoat, which is baked onto the surface for extra durability
after time, as you can see, wears off
spray paint and most other diy painting solutions are significantly less durable than what is already on it
therefore I wouldn't recommend repainting or refinishing cranks specifically, because they deal with constant friction that is hard for paint to resist
if you wan't cranks that resist this wear, chrome finished cranks are probably the best way to go

if you do want to refinish them, i recommend using a chemical paint stripper followed by wet sanding as it turns out better with significantly less labor
also mask off the interfaces where the bolts go as well as the spindle and pedal threads

shameless plug, but i did an extensive write up on refinishing steel frames specifically but works for just about any steel parts
any other questions, just ask


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11/16/2014 6:35 AM

^good writeup (and i love the idea of using rusted, old bb bearings like that smile very smart)

I think i'm just gonna go for clear-coating them, since any colors will wear out i guess :\ If i just wet-sand, then clear-coat them properly, i'll occasionally wear that out and get thin rust lines, but it'll be easy to get them out and just re-clear it as-needed w/o much worry about color-matching!

thnx again!