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Ronnie06srt8 Ronnie06srt8
3/19/2018 7:28 AM

i searched the forum and didnt find anything on the topic! but i was thinking about somehow making some leather bmx grips for my bike! S&M makes a nice set but was going to try and make some leather ones myself! anyone have any input or tips on the diy

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grumpySteve grumpySteve
3/20/2018 8:21 AM

I'd guess the easiest way would be to buy some cheap foam grips, shave them to the shape you want, then stitch a leather sleeve over them. I'd imagine they'd be shit for riding with once they get sweaty though

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Ronnie06srt8 Ronnie06srt8
3/20/2018 10:21 AM
grumpySteve wrote:

I'd guess the easiest way ...more

Yea that's what I was going to do! It's just the ones I have now hurt my hands.for some reason! And a friend of mine has the s&m leather ones and says he loves them and all he will ride with. So I was going to try it out! With material less than $25 I'm.willing to try

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