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3/28/2014 7:58 AM

i want to start to grind and tips on what i should start with and what to learn?


3/28/2014 3:42 PM

ĴUst go for it and start with feebles and double pegs, they are reall easy.




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3/29/2014 12:13 PM

Definitley star with feebles and remember to keep your front wheel turned and lined up the rail or ledge your grinding. I started with Feebles then Learned Smithe. i actually thing Double peggers are harder. But thats just me. You could also just practice on a small ledge at a Stalled position just to get a feel for your balance point. when you get the balance down, remember to FAST. You always need to go faster than you think you would at a ledge. Once your on and grinding remeber to keep yourself kind of loose. If you tense up and stiffen up your legs and arms I think it makes it harder to focus on balancing. Good luck and have fun.