grip rides and decades

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5/5/2013 12:09 PM

Tell me the secrets to these tricks...


It’s all bmx

5/6/2013 10:20 PM

bar rides/grip rides : easiest to stand on your frame and place one foot at a time on your bars. stand up as soon as your second foot gets on your bars. do that for a year or so and you'll get the balance eventually.

decades are easy.

from the back pegs, do a small endo. place your foot on the seat tube when your back tire hits the ground (from the endo). as your front tire comes off the ground, swing your free foot up and over the head tube. LOOK at your seat tube, where your other foot is. try to stand on your other foot. you will automatically move your first foot as your second foot lands on the seat tube. your body will float around the frame and you should put your free foot on your pedal. ride away.

There are no secrets to tricks. you know that. go ride and practice. you won't.