help with bunnyhop

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7/2/2016 6:29 AM

So I am pretty new to the bmx scene and i can get my bunnyhop up at least 6in. my brother says it is higher and more like 8in. But anyways what should I learn from here?


7/9/2016 4:50 PM

I'd try to bunnyhop on to and off stuff, this will definitely get you to hop a bit higher too and is a lot of fun to do when simply cruising.
Also what really helped me personally to get my bunnyhops higher is to loop out a few times by pulling up the handlebars and after that try a high bunnyhop, this way I got my front end up higher when doing a bunnyhop and started getting more comfortable with the motion.

Another fun easy hop trick to do is a bunny hop no footer, you don't need to hop very high for this, i always do this in my, small, backyard.

If you got fakies down, if not you should practice these, you could try to do a halfcab, basically doing a bunnyhop when you turn back around.

Hope to have helped you a bit and I wish you good luck and of course a lot of fun wink


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