hey i need help

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8/27/2014 4:25 PM

so im 6'4 and 275 and i want to start riding bikes and stuff and idk what kinda bike i should get can anyone help me plzz and thanks i have 170$ and where can i order a bike


8/31/2014 9:15 PM

Well, normally you build a bike a custom bmx. What i did is i bought a used frame (good condition course) and i ordered the parts from eBay the ones i liked and start building it. You can buy a complete as well but is more trouble and as just made by default. Aaaan... pfff hahaha you gonna need way more than 170 bucks if you want a good bike man hahahaha at least 300 in my opinion and if you are a wild rider you gonna have to spend around 10 to 30 dollars a month for maintenance like changing parts and all of that stuff like right now i have trouble with the bottom bracket i have to buy a new one is 30 dollars