how to make back hub louder

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6/5/2010 8:00 AM

how to make back hub louder



6/5/2010 10:21 PM

get all the grease out


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6/5/2010 10:52 PM

you can clean all the grease out or if you take it to your local bike shop they would be able to do it for you


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6/14/2010 9:41 PM

k why would you really want your hub louder it ain't going to make you ride better it will just wreck shit


6/14/2010 11:35 PM

stick you dick in the spokes.


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6/15/2010 5:39 PM

put sand in ur hub along with super glue



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6/15/2010 5:47 PM
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Check out his other videos too. Hes pretty good!

6/16/2010 6:39 PM

take out grease. spray a lil WD40 and bend your spring.
my friend did that and his hub is so loud


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6/22/2010 11:45 PM

I took apart my hub to regrease it and next thing I knew I needed a new one. Idk why but shit wouldn't hook up right.


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