install/align new crank-arms (trouble w/ sprocket alignment..)

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6/27/2014 5:43 PM

k, so am working on my brother's bike (not the bike i've asked/spoken about in other threads, that waws mine haha), and the bb was screwed on this.. the cranks had tons of wiggle on the spindle, and the entire bb was loose as hell..

Okay so I loosened both crank-arm bolts, tightened the crank-arm to the sprocket, then secured the arms to the spindle. This corrected / made-tight the bb and arms/spindle looseness, but now the sprocket isn't true to the frame or rear cog... it's further from the frame at the part where sprocket meets crank-arm... I can get it true, but it requires having a real loose bond between right-crank-arm and sprocket, and that doesn't seem right.
I dunno what i'm doing wrong, i've checked the sprocket on a table and it's perfectly true/flat, is it the order i'm assembling? Should i do the arms to spindle first, then gently tighten the arm to sprocket?

thnx in advance for any input/tips