making dirt jumps

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3/1/2014 9:31 PM

how? like planning, spacing height widths?


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3/1/2014 10:20 PM

Best bet is to go out and ride already established trails and see what you like and don't like as far as vert, spacing, and transition and go from there. Obviously keep in mind space between hits so you have enough speed to clear them as well. Trails take constant grooming, packing, water, and shovel time too, so hopefully you have a crew that's willing to put in work. A bobcat is always nice if you can get your hands on one or is feasible where you're building. I also recommend holding off on riding a fresh jump until it has had time to form, dry, settle/pack. Good trails generally take a ton of time to make, but pay off dividends in the end.


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3/5/2014 3:31 PM

grab a shovel, find a hidden place and start digging.

it takes A LOT of time to stack dirt so you'll learn as you go.

don't be afraid to put in LOTS of work.


3/12/2014 2:28 AM

just got myself some land. digger is booked for the weekend.....any ideas on making roll ins/drop off. is scaffold or timber best to use etc? how to go about the transition from timber to dirt?


3/12/2014 8:18 AM

does your land have any elevation?

I personally don't like wooden structures unless they are the only way to gain speed.

Lots of good info in that thread....


3/12/2014 2:28 PM

Like the first reply said, go ride some trails first, that will give you an idea to start with. And, they wont be perfect right away. After you ride your lips a few times, you'll need to adjust them according to how difficult/easy they are. As far as construction goes, I've always been told to build from side to side. So, when building a lip/landing, build either the far right or left side up to the desired height (about a foot and a half taller than what you want, because packing it down will take some height off), and build sideways. As opposed to piling dirt in the center and trying to add width, which i think takes more work in the end.