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4/24/2010 7:23 PM

ok now that i have my manual perfected wat things can i do with it


if it has sprockets or titties it will get you in trouble

4/27/2010 9:07 AM

manuel 180s


4/28/2010 7:21 AM

learn hop to manuels by hopping onto a sidewalk and landing in a manuel. I still can't do these but it'd be cool to learn.


4/29/2010 9:51 AM

just experiment with it


do grinds or dont ride _\|/_

easyyyy staaaaaaarr


4/29/2010 10:04 AM

Manuel down hills


refs:spikez-mikelee-ScramHype-CGcaps-Droogskull-Blake El Gingero-hcpmichael