need help with freecoaster

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1/24/2019 3:58 AM

I have a united supreme male freecoaster, recently I cleaned my chain but when I did so the cranks got really hard to spin at one point. I took the wheel off and the cranks spin freely but the driver had the problem still (it was hard to spin at one point) so I took apart my coaster and degreased and regreased everything carefully and checked there was no damage and I couldn't see anything. when I assembled it and tightened my chain the cranks were a bit stiffer but didn't bind anywhere like before, I know cranks are stiff after tightening the chain for a while so I thought it was fixed, but when I span the wheel fast it was louder than usual and when it slowed down a bit I could hear what sounded like something rubbing at a point in the spin. it still engages and works fine but I'm not certain as I haven't had the chance to do anything more than pedal about and do some small fakies.


1/24/2019 8:03 AM

Did you use a degreaser or something when cleaning it? Maybe that got into a bearing.

I'd say to disassemble and reassemble it, checking each part as you go.


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