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4/22/2010 1:29 PM

Ight im fairly new to riding, i can only do bunny hops mannys and shitty oneeightys where can i go from these tricks around my like neighborhood? any responces are helpfull Thanks in advance


better 180s
bunny hop mannys

4/22/2010 1:35 PM

first of all .. welcome to the bmx game. second ..... (at least you can commit to the 180. my body just wont let me spin in the air. its too scary to me.)

but i do kno that bunnyhoping on curbs is a great way to measure your success and improvvments on ur hop. advance to bigger curbs and then you will see your progress in action. also .. try to 180 off a curb you get a few more inches in air which allow you to straighten out ur bike and land a better 180

and most of all .... dont give up


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12/18/2010 10:36 PM

maybe try 3's of ledges or um t-bogs and x-ups


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12/18/2010 10:38 PM

dam already better then some kids on here like me angry


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12/19/2010 3:56 AM

I can Pro Hop and all but you, you're on a whole new level.