spokes making noise Need some help!

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8/23/2013 9:00 PM

hello, i just bought a new bike off danscomp its the CULT butter complete and my front wheel has begun to start making noises i figure its the spookes becasue of the popping noise its making. But it only makes this noise when i lean to the right side and only when im on the bike. it wont make noise if i just spin the wheel. The spokes are not losse either they are tight as f*** so i dont get what the problem is. i have asked many other bikers but they dont have a clue. so people said i have to break the wheel in, and is there such thing as spokes being to tight? also its a pretty constant pooping sound not just like one pop, its more like a couple pops per rotation of the wheel. and sometimes the sound will go away for a little bit maybe a minute or 10 seconds and then be right back. i have only had this bike 4 days and it didnt do this the first day untill the very end of the day


8/24/2013 10:33 PM

Yeah, just ride it for a week and see how it is. Or the company could've laced it sloppily and the spokes are tight but the wheel is still untrue and all that.


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