wall rides and flat 360's

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5/22/2010 7:48 PM

k i have been trying flat 360's for lke a month now but i end up just doing 360 tire taps and i pivot from 270 or 180 and how do you do a wall ride


5/22/2010 7:54 PM

Go at a 65 degree angle at the wall and hop into to it. Your tires will hit the wall and slide down at first and then you will get better if you keep doing them.


5/23/2010 7:08 AM

for walrides just commit, you have to think youll go on the wall
just ride up to it, and thinkof like a 1 foot gap before the wall and hop on. dont get too close to it


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5/23/2010 5:35 PM

i wanna try wallrides so bad but i cant find a good transaction place like the one guy said go at a 65 degree angle i cant find a good wall i tried manualing and then hoping on to it so ur at a angle but yea were not gonna talk about that it was pure FAIL


if it has sprockets or titties it will get you in trouble