Confused with a nut ( Or No Nut )

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7/17/2015 6:47 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/18/2015 1:30 AM

I have picked up the frame below as a replacement for an older BMX for my daughter the brand on the Bike says HB? or a H picture of a star B to be precise.

As you can see it already has the forks and this was how it came with a headset attached?

Now i'm confused. I have a feeling that the person who had it had tried to set it up as an integrated headset, but it has the cage bearings in the stem and as you see the fork shaft has a thread leading me to believe its actually the old threaded system using an expansion bar in the forks? Or this is correct and it is just missing a blanked locking / compression nut?

If it's the latter and the handlebars attach directly to the fork shaft, my question is what locking nut is required?

If not and it was an attempt to create an integrated headset My question is can I get a conversion set and would I be able to drop the new bearings directly onto the runners?

Also, I am assuming that if it can be converted I would just have to cut the threaded part down?

Any advice here welcomed as she has already bought an older BMX that proved a scrapper.




Cheers Bill