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2/2/2018 7:35 AM

Looking to get back into riding this year. St. Cloud needs some decent trails. I want to build and have a couple of ideas where they should last awhile. Looking for a couple guys that wanna dig and ride. Just gotta be smart about where to build and include mountain bikes. The city has been favoring them the past few years. We could use that to our advantage. Buddies and I build some decent trails many years ago in the area and learned what worked and didn't work with the public and cities opinions. Just need to be smart about it and we could have something quality to ride. Thanks


2/2/2018 12:25 PM

This is one spot I have in mind. There is a old big berm with a small double abandoned years ago. Unsure of the soil conditions. From my research the land is Sandy but I found areas with clay.



3/2/2018 8:32 AM
Edited Date/Time: 3/2/2018 8:47 AM

Is that behind Oak Hill Elementary? A bunch of racer kids built back there.

If that is in Sauk Rapids near the Coborns, me and some buddies built most of those but they were plowed.

I too have wanted to make some trails. We tried getting the city on our side but it never got far-the whole project kind fizzled out. We were pushing for a spot off 15 and 12th.

Let's get a crew and get the local shops behind it. Let's make it happen! An MTB Skills setup, a set of trails, and so on. It's relatively cheap to do (think cottage grove bike park) and maintained by volunteers. The city would need to provide land and a water source. Then we could get to work.

Being that Costco is coming in and causing the plaza to be moved, it would be a good idea to get involved with Scott Zlotnik (parks and rec guy in cloud) to get the ball rolling on something-especially since they will be buying MORE park land.

Start a facebook group and find me (same name) and let's get to work! Then I will add some homies that I know loved trails back in the day!

(Failing st cloud, let's try sauk rapids and or sartell)


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