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7/1/2013 3:20 AM

alright i've been up all night i'm tired and bored what do you guys use to listen to music while riding,chilling and all round music listing all together and why do you use it what are the pros and cons of it i use an old 2nd gen ipod nano that i got in a trade i like quite a bit its small doesnt take up to much space and looks nice i have it in the same blue as the pic
light weight
doesnt take up to much space

small memory about 4bg
freeze sometimes and wont unfreeze for hours or sometimes days

i would use my phone if i had one lol i fly off the radar


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7/1/2013 11:37 AM

8gb ipod touch with a broken screen

pro- got my tunes and dont need to worry about breaking it
cons- hard to see in the daylight


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7/1/2013 12:18 PM

I use my phone(s) one with a broken screen. These devices are also used for porn viewing as well.


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