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9/4/2013 10:17 PM

My band ordinance of prosperity , we are a 2 piece deathcore band, I do gutterals, and highs, bass, drum machine, and guitar, my friend does cleans and pig squeels. we dont have any music up yet, but we do have lyrics to a song we're working on called "no morals no problem" If you wonder what it's about, it's about a girl I like who lets just say has been around. lol I hope ot have it finished before long. Welp, here the lyrics are if your want to give me your thoughts

Now i'm sitting on her bed the place it all started the first guy walked out and left her broken hearted, she lowered her morals and invited betrayal with open arms each guy is a different kind of harm. she’s so alive. shes dead inside, no one to confide in. no respect no acception, but with her ill make an exception.

talk and talk i've heard it all before, once a whore and she'll be nothing more, it not true even i have changed, i am as wicked as you are, so i won't judge you, people change

girl take a break from your life and join mine, every day i want you to be mine, i'm not too good for you and your not too bad for me, i've done things that kill me inside, if my life was a heart it'd be black, talk to me what's on your mind, i want to meet your demon i'll cut off their heads, disembowel them with my fist your demons are mine, i have no problem with murdering these beasts

if we can ever be together i swear i'll change you, your body will be my temple, i will be there for ever, you are my treasure, come to salvation oh… your body is a temple. your temple is in ruins, my body is a temple. my temple with a cracked foundation, fix mine and i'll restore yoursPhoto


I AM thebmxerSS! This is my new profile, and im not a noob here:D