Phsychedelic/Funk (Also any Bass guitarists?)

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Vital BMX member CraigWazHere
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4/2/2013 10:21 AM

Doubt anyone else young enough to ride bmx would also like the same shit I'm into but:
My favourite 60's/70's funk etc bands are:
Jimi Hendrix
Ultimate Spinach
King Crimson
Jefferson Airplane
And somehow I like listening to Wu Tang Clan

Most of the shit most of you are into is hardstyle and dubstep which I find funny, Bmx is hardly a trashy sport but half the music you listen to is complete trashy shit.

Also unrelated but I play bass too.


Vital BMX member dream
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4/17/2013 11:59 PM

the beatles
the growlers
the doors
the who
simon and garfunkel

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4/24/2013 8:13 PM

i dont know if this fits what you're looking for but i love to ride to Neon Indiana, Daft Punk, College & electric youth, yeasayer. I got more if you like those. pm me


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3/26/2014 4:06 PM

I play bass