Restarting Up My Black Metal Project

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7/10/2012 12:23 PM

I'm trying to make a demo for a project named Sacrifyx, Nothing too serious I just want to make a demo, and maybe if the money is right do a split 7" since I've always wanted a project on wax. This was just a one night project called Barbaric Cauldron with me on vocals and some old lyrics in my wallet, and this dude Joe Buccuto on guitar since we lacked a drummer we used the drum kit from hell. But I've always wanted to make a record I'm proud of and thats where Sacrifyx comes in, all I want is three tracks. Do you know any heads interested, I know you are mad busy with the babies and other bands but if we come up with some killer shit none of this has to be played live I just want something musically I can be proud of. Check out this track this is an old track but I do want into making music again. I got the name SACRIFYX from my favorite film from the 80's that got me into heavy and my email is Thank you.
-Adam Schnellenbach (ex skeleton proof tanks, ex agent failure, ex of thieves and wolves)


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3/26/2014 4:19 PM

What are you lookin for, specifically? I make noise on bass, play guitar a little, and do some vocals in my own band (my style is pretty close to Chance Garnette from Skeletonwitch)